GINZA DESIGN of COMMUNICATIONS is a Design Company established in 2002. Through architecture, CG, DTP design, building website, development of web system, we have embarked on designing information design for train station passengers in year 2006. Since then we have been moving into many designs for transportation. In order to hammer out expertise on transportation design, we established an in-house company that specializes in transportation design related.
Our office is in Ginza Tokyo, Shanghai PRC and Qingdao PRC.


Company Profile

Company history
June 1st 2000 Keitai Project Magiche was founded in Utsunomiya Tochigi
Feb 28th 2002 Magiche GsK(Goushi Kaisha) was registered corporation
Oct 1st 2012 Relocated to Ginza Tokyo
Feb 29th 2016 Changed our name to Ginza Design of Communications GsK
Jul 2016 Sales of our own multilingual "XPAND Sign" commence
Aug 2016 Announcement of our design for the Tokyo Metro "New Model Passenger Information System Destination Display Boards"" (IIIDaward 2017 Award Winning Project)
Aug 2016 Initiation of the multilingual "XPAND.CODES" solution for signs
Affiliated business group Member of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry(center branch)
Member of Chuo-ku Tourism Association
Contact tel: +81-3-5537-6820(English available)
fax: +81-20-4664-6408



Representative NANMOKU Toworu
Industrial designer
Japan Sign Design Association (government corporation) Member
Japan Industrial Designers' Association (government corporation) Member
Japan Railway Engineers' Association (general incorporated association) Member
1st grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Managiment (Patent, Copyright and Trademark)
Advanced data processing specialist Information Systems Security Administrator
Specialized activity and official activity Japan Sign Design Association digital signage research committee (finished), Train passanger information system research committee (finished)
Japan Industrial Designers' Association contract and intellectual property committee
Association of Intellectual Property Education Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Center policy review working group (finished) etc.
Tochigi pref. Industrial Promotion Center Registered specialist (designer)
Biography Graduated School of Law, Waseda University / Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Division, Tokyo University of Science
Joining Isuzu Motors Ltd. before holding current position