GINZA DESIGN of COMMUNICATIONS specializes in public transportation design and information services.

GINZA DESIGN of COMMUNICATIONS specializes in public transportation design and information services.

Our Works

GINZA DESIGN of COMMUNICATIONS offers following services.

Our Business

Public Transportation Info Design

The importance of information display design for public transportation such as trains and busses are gaining. We are engaged in these designs.
We have been pursing designs with ICT that is beautiful and easy to understand for over 150 stations including guide signs, guide apps, guide booklet, display on trains and busses, touchscreen on devices, and meters for new generations vehicles.
Towards 2020 and thereafter, demands for designs that are optimized for users such as multilingual and barrier-free environment will grow even more. We will continue to contribute to attain the highest levels for a more comfortable public transportation services.


Industrial Design

We design mainly railways and automobile transportation related devices.
We propose and achieve devices with ICT services for electric automobile and next generation transportation related products.


Multilingual Services

The designing of multilingual informational signs and services in Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Korean and other languages is a mainstay of ours.


Company profile


GINZA DESIGN of COMMUNICATIONS is a Design Company established in 2002. Through architecture, CG, DTP design, building website, development of web system, we have embarked on designing information design for train station passengers in year 2006. Since then we have been moving into many designs for transportation. In order to hammer out expertise on transportation design, we established an in-house company that specializes in transportation design related.
Our office is in Ginza Tokyo, Shanghai PRC and Qingdao PRC.

Information News and Contacts


XPAND Code Utilzed at Large Corporate Exhibition in Japan

XPAND Code was adopted by Chiyoda Integre for use in their booth at "Film Tech Japan 2017" held at Tokyo Big Sight. Film Tech Japan is the world's largest exhibition for high-performance films, and Chiyoda Integre is a major company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

GDC "XPAND.CODES" Introduced on Japanese Television

GDC's XPAND code was introduced on Nippon Television's "School Revolution!" program as the latest technology in train stations. Nippon Television is a major private broadcasting station that has ranked No. 1 Most Popular over the past three consecutive years.

Design by GDC Selected for International Design Award

Our efforts on the PIS design for Tokyo Metro 2020 were rewarded with recognition at the "IIIDaward 2017" International Design Awards. IIIDaward is an international design award specifically intended to "stimulate the development, recognition and good practice of information design" and held only once every three years by IIID (International Institute for Information Design, Vienna).