Industrial Design

We design mainly railways and automobile transportation related devices. We propose and achieve devices with ICT services for electric automobile and next generation transportation related products.


Design as a Solution

This is how we think about design.
Our work is not changing the shape of the product, but to think about product that is beneficial for the users (business solution product)
As a result feature and shapes will be determined. We are afraid we will be no good if purely decoration are needed such as patterns and coloring. On the other hand if you want to discuss the whole concept of product from scratch then you may find us useful.


Industrial design from Information design

As the word loT is becoming popularized, nowadays internet of everything is common. We consider product and industrial goods as a part of information service and think of the product design as an extension of information design.
The products that we engage on, we plan and design on the assumption that they are devices connected to network.


Medium-Sized Enterprise Design Division

We have more chance to provide product development with medium-sized enterprises through institution such as chamber of commerce.
We engage on developing and designing with enterprises with principles and will.