Public Transportation Info Design

The importance of information display design for public transportation such as trains and busses are gaining. We are engaged in these designs.

We have been pursing designs with ICT that is beautiful and easy to understand for over 150 stations including guide signs, guide apps, guide booklet, display on trains and busses, touchscreen on devices, and meters for new generations vehicles.

Towards 2020 and thereafter, demands for designs that are optimized for users such as multilingual and barrier-free environment will grow even more. We will continue to contribute to attain the highest levels for a more comfortable public transportation services.


Public transportation display implemented work and proposed work

Tokyo Metro, Keisei Electric Railway, Tobu Railway, Seibu Railway, Odakyu Electric Railway, Tokyu Railway, Sagami Railway, Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, East Japan Railway Central Japan Railway, Nagoya Railway Road, Bureau of Nagoya city transportation, Kintetsu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Keihan Railway, Nankai Electric Railway, Sanyo Electric Railway, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau, Kobe Municipal Transportation Bureau, Fukuoka Municipal Transportation Bureau,etc.