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2017-03-27 | XPAND Code Bar Code Readers Now Available

The "XPAND.CODES Barcode Reader" app that can read XPAND codes, QR codes and EAN/UPC codes is available on App Store and Google Play.


2017-02-17 | "XPAND.CODES Open Connect" Service Now Available

We have begun "XPAND.CODES Open Connect" Services that enable you to read XPAND codes from a general bar code reader app similar to those used for QR and EAN/UPC codes.


2017-02-16 | "XPAND Sign" Introduced on Tokyo Radio

Our "XPAND Sign" was introduced in the program "TOKYO MORNING RADIO" on one of Japan's major radio stations, "J-WAVE".
GDC's own company representative, NANMOKU Toworu, also made an appearance by phone and talked about the latest products and trends in multilingual signage.


2016-12-03 | GDC Representative Appears on Tokyo Radio

Our company representative, NANMOKU Toworu, appeared on "RADIO FAST", a program on "J-WAVE", one of Japan's major and most popular radio stations. He commented on the latest trends in signage.


2016-10-13 | "XPAND Code" in Partnership with Tokyo Metropolitan Government

In partnership with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), we will begin providing "XPAND.CODES & TOKYO" products that combine our own XPAND Codes together with the regional brand project "&TOKYO" being promoted by TMG.


2016-08-16 | Initiation of the multilingual "XPAND.CODES" solution for signs


2016-08-03 | Announcement of our design for the Tokyo Metro "New Passenger Information System"


2016-07-21 | "XPAND Sign" has been on sale


2015-06-23 | Website renewed

Ginza Design of Communications website renewed.